We are STEAM Educational Content Practitioners. We stand to offer an engaging, inspiring, and relevant experience that fosters a lifelong curiosity and positive attitude towards SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING, ARTS & MATHEMATICS, and Curriculum Design through diverse ways of delivering these Educational Programmes.


Innovatively transform, Early Learning Development Sector in our Communities and schools by investing in improving both formal and informal businesses striving to gain recognition in the Fourth Industrial Age.

Our programme has positively impacted our stakeholders by adapting and embracing change in the digital platform for business, teaching and learning.


To become the Curators of the Digital Revolution for the young leaders in Science Technology, Engineering Arts and Mathematics- offering Innovative Learning Labs.


Our Digital Transformational Framework in the context of “Education point four 0” we have been undergoing seismic changes based on transitioning into different settings which refers to adopting digital technology to transform education, particularly “Innovation in the classroom.

New innovations, prospects and challenges of post-Covid-19 Pandemic compelled us to invest more in development and enhancing human skills and capabilities through inclusive and relevant education- learning and meaningful work are key drivers of the economic success of individual well-being and societal cohesion.” Today’s youth around the world have access to laptops, desktops, and smartphones. Schools now have access to the internet, and smart boards to enhance their teaching and learning environment, and everyone is connecting with the world. In essence, the future is becoming synonymous with open-source information and technology, however, 85% of these young people have no access to relevant learning tools or business opportunities that are accessed through Applications and social media platforms the world of technology is offering, it is important that these young minds become enlightened and empowered with the use of technology.

These technological tools can transform the entire education system, the education suppliers/ industry, the educators, the learners, and the parents. Everyone has an opportunity to become innovators, inventors, investors, change-makers, and successful global citizens. As the complexity of the digitalization of sciences increases, scientific tools and machinery are becoming too complex and prohibitively expensive. Advanced digital technologies opened up our ability to engage more key players of different industries, as a result, business opportunities become endless as we evolve.

Our mandate is to educate, empower, nurture and showcase the talent of the next generation of young leaders in STEM and Youth Entrepreneurship. We aim to provide a network of support and exert influence on all our Students, Trainers and facilitators, the industry expectations, communities, etc.

We continue to provide quality experiences for schools and graduates through Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics/Innovation (STEMI) through Project-based, Inquiry-based and Evidence-based Model Programmes. Developing STEM interest, Hackathons, Digital Awareness Drives, participation and capability benefits to most disadvantaged communities, but also private learning centres on a consultative basis for Coding and Robotics Curriculum development and training services.

To share our knowledge and the use of our expertise.

To evolve and bring relevance within the framework of teaching and learning

In addition, practical insight for the benefit of widening the scope of “The Future Classroom,” and Innovative Pedagogical development.

In order for us to reach 1000 000 students and teachers drive champagne, we aim to build a multi-connectivity learning platform, exploring various ways through partnerships by increasing our database with our affiliated Schools, Districts and ECD Centre and grow our Coding and Robotics Clubs.


Sibusiso Sithole

Board Member

Founder and Director of Naha Borwa Professional Development and Training- Sibusiso Sithole is a Learning and Development Specialist. He holds qualifications in Education (B.Ed.), Coaching, Facilitating, Moderating, Assessing and Mentoring. He is an Organization and Systems Coach, (ORSC) accredited by Accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) Some of his qualifications are internationally recognized and accredited. He has built a strong relationships and understands the Education and Training sector over the last 12 years in the industry. 

Ms. Faith Nyayi

Board Member

A PhD candidate at Henley Business School.

Visionary Strategist • Natural Leader • Strategic Thinker • Trusted Advisor • Transformer Record of bringing cultural transformations, driving organisational development, and building high-performance work environments by creating capability building strategies, leading high-impact development programmes, and executing talent management plans. Well-reputed OD Specialist and Change Agent offering over two decades of global experience across industries, strategizing transformation frameworks, development plans, and learning tools for large projects while providing strategic guidance around skills and knowledge management.


Ms. Palesa Mofolo

Co-creator of Social Entrepreneurship in Technology and Innovation Network (SETIN). She is the Founder and CEO of Innovolution Edu Programmes (NPC) with over 15 years of operational management and leadership background in launching new ventures, business turnarounds and Innovation Projects. She has a successful track record of turning ideas and concepts into tangible businesses. Her experience spans Financial Services, Communications, Media and Marketing Services, with a current focus on STEM Curriculum Development, content design on learning and teaching Aids. 


Ms. Kutlwano Mncube

Strategic Communications and Branding Director, head of Special Projects and manager of our stakeholders and partnership relations, her area of expertise focuses more on organizational growth strategy, process improvement and social development. Over the past four years, she has been focusing on growing our brand, advising on digital strategy to transition into Online Learning and developing more teaching and learning Aids. She’s also responsible for Programs Designs, Systems management and internal processes on Data Structures in integrating our database registry Learning hub, on new and existing programs


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