About Us

We are passionate about creating and supplying advanced STEAM Educational programmes for the 21st-century workforce and growing youth-led businesses through digitization.

We reinforce resilience and adaptability critical to navigate employable youth and entrepreneurship development and Self-employment opportunities for young people, empowering ECD Practitioners and Educators with digital skills.


STEAM Education

We train young people to become problem solvers to mostly Socio-Economic challenges faced by most of the youth in Africa, they get to learn to develop and launch Apps addressing and solving these problems.

Part of the Boot Camp is that they also explore more Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. We use various methods of Design Thinking and Pitching to highlight and embrace their skills.



While there are distinct differences between inventors, entrepreneurs, and innovators, the three roles are actually intertwined and related to one another. While entrepreneurs can have some characteristics of inventors and innovators within them, an entrepreneur is typically more focused on the business side of things than innovators or inventors.



Consultation and Training Services for Educators and ECD Practitioners

Innovolution Edu Programmes involve the integration of diverse EdTech Educational products and services transcending multi-disciplinary processes, offering an experiential programme delivery that is the activity-based, outcome-based, problem-solving and enquiry-based model approach.

Our wide range of product distribution is highly interactive from a self-teaching tool that takes learners and teachers through a step-by-step guide- from a beginner to master of all these products on offer, both our products and programmes are tailor-made, and personalized according to customers’ specifications.


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