Community Programmes

The impact of our programs has reached more than 3000 young people in communities and schools around Gauteng using innovative technology delivery methods the youth find it to be fun and impactful to spark the interest in STEM and Entrepreneurship Education.These are the 21st century workforce skills that are in demand and will still be relevant in the future.The result is a fundamental mind shift' that occurs in hundreds of these young people - a mind shift that reflects a new entrepreneurial spirit and embracing STEM Skills, reinforced by a resiliency and adaptability that is critical to navigating employment and selfemployment opportunities in a digital economy and various fields of Sciences. Engage youth as communities and role models, who can harness the power of technology - these are the underpinnings of a knowledge society. The School systems are embracing technology and innovation although the adaptability seem to be slowing the progress and due to the fact that some of the schools are underresourced, this delays the process of reaching out, nonetheless, we arethe Force, we are innovators in the skill development space, we are determined to move forward and reach out to our communities.

Teacher Development

While there are distinct differences between inventors, entrepreneurs, and innovators, the three roles are actually intertwined and related to one another. While entrepreneurs can have some characteristics of inventors and innovators within them, an entrepreneur is typically more focused on the business side of things than innovators or inventors. In many situations, the products or services that are developed by inventors or innovators will be positioned on the market by entrepreneurs. Even though Steve Jobs was a well-known innovator who was instrumental for the creation and success of Apple, other entrepreneurs were needed to steer the business side of things in the right direction.

While entrepreneurs can help with the creation of products and services, their primary goal is to make sure that whatever product is made can be successfully placed on the market. Though these three roles are somewhat different from one another, they do have several characteristics in common. For instance, inventors, entrepreneurs, and innovators must always be self-motivated, passionate, and creative. Whether you're an entrepreneur who's attempting to create a successful start-up or an inventor who is trying to convert an idea into a product, you won't be able to reach your goals if you don't have the passion and perseverance to get past the hurdles that will invariably occur.

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